Emergency Procedures

Following due procedures ensures the safety of everyone at The Camp. It is advised that on arrival at The Camp, group leaders and groups familiarise themselves with the location of first aid kits and exits in the building.

Procedure Notices

Notices are distributed throughout The Camp. Visitors should become familiar with these on arrival.
Fire extinguishers, hoses and smoke-detectors are distributed throughout The Camp.

First Aid

First Aid is the responsibility of campers.

Urban Camp staff are trained in first aid to assist if required.





Emergency Contacts

General Emergency:
Police – Direct Line:
North Melbourne Police
8379 0880
Fire Brigade:
Medical Clinic/Pharmacy:
M-F 7am - 10 pm, Sat 8 am - 8 pm, Sun 8 am - 4 pm
8388 5200
Royal Children's Hospital:
9345 5522
Royal Melbourne Hospital:
9342 7000
Nurse on Call
1300 60 60 24
Poisons Information:
131 126
Gas Emergency:
132 083
Electricity Emergency:
132 461
131 008

Camp Emergency Contacts

Camp Foyer phone (blue):
9328 5012
Camp Office phone:
9328 2818
Camp Kitchen phone:
9328 1420

Urban Camp is situated in Brens Drive,
Parkville within Royal Park. It is approximately 300 metres from the Elliot Avenue turnoff.

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