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We extend our thoughts to flood affected communities.  Our hearts and thoughts are with all those affected. 




We would like to extend a welcome to our latest board director, Sara Raffle.  Sara joined us at our Annual General Meeting and we are delighted to have her on board.  Sara resides in Melbourne and works in community health as a Podiatrist and passionate Health Promotion Worker.

We would also like to welcome Caitlin Kingsley, who will assist week-end groups.  We wish Pat Nichol a wonderful time abroad in Canada and we look forward to his return mid year.

This month marks another milestone with Patrick O’Sullivan, our Executive Officer, celebrating his 15th year at Urban Camp. We recognize and appreciate Patrick’s energy, enthusiasm and contributions to the Urban Camp we know today.  Along with the board of directors and staff we extend Patrick our appreciation and congratulations.



From the Kitchen

Another year, another term. Time to get the stove fired up.   

Check out our updated duty list checklist.  

We are happy to speak with concerned group leaders and/or parents in regard to dietary needs and ensure that everyone is confident prior to camp.  Thank you in advance for returning dietary needs timely so we can prepare for any special needs. 

Best wishes for the term.  All of us in the kitchen look forward to familiar faces and welcome back new faces. 


Groups at Camp


Camp Quality

In November, Camp Quality hosted one of their recreational camps with us. Urban Camp was transformed with added colour and vibrancy.  The excitement began as the kids and volunteers arrived in pink stretch limousines, followed by a pamper party in the afternoon.  Other exciting festivities included a magic show, a circus performance and a dancing with the stars afternoon.  The fun and excitement of the week-end reflects Camp Quality’s philosophy of believing laughter is the best medicine.  Camp Quality is committed to helping families affected by cancer through bringing optimism and happiness.  Founded in 1983, Camp Quality organizes over 240 camps and fun days across Australia.  Camp Quality joined the Urban Camp Co-operative in 1998.



Clontarf Foundation

While most of our visiting schools and groups are from Victoria, last September we hosted a group from Western Australia.  Twenty-five football (AFL) players and their coaches stayed at Urban Camp whilst competing in a local footy competition and connecting with their local Victorian counter parts.  The group represented the Clontarf Foundation, an organization set up to improve the education, discipline, self esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men.  Football is the means to achieve this with academies formed in association with selected schools and colleges.   The Clontarf Foundation is connected with 36 schools across Western Australia, Northern Territory and Victoria. 














Venue News


Soundhouse – new name, new location

The Digital Learning Hub (formally Soundhouse) officially launched its new location and new name last August.  Loch and Nyora Primary School, staying at Urban Camp at the time, were part of the opening day festivities.  Both the Discover Music Technology and Discover Arts Technology program are still on offer. Spaces do fill up quickly so be sure to advise the programs team well in advance if you would like to book in.   Click here for more information. 

The Arts Centre is continuing to offer admission and travel subsidy for Arts Centre performances in 2011.  For more details click here.  


Parliament 2011 sitting dates available  Click here.

School tours are available during non-sitting dates with limited tours available on sitting dates.  Parliament role plays are available on non-sitting Wednesdays and provide a chance for students to act out the roles in Parliament and pass their own law.  Students use the Legislative Assembly Chamber, dress up and use props.  They act in the roles of Speaker, Clerk, Serjeant-at-Arms, Premier, Leader of the Opposition and front benchers.  Students choose an issue to debate, read from prepared scripts and vote on proposed law.  A fun way to learn about Parliament!



Icehouse offers lunch and dinner packages along with skate sessions.  Dinner options include  Spaghetti Bolognese, Vegetarian Pizza, Fish & Chips, Honey Soy Chicken Noodles ($10 per person).  


Cooks’ Cottage Program 

A new and exciting education program has been introduced to Cooks’ Cottage.  The interactive modules target primary school aged students and include Travel Back In Time, Captain Cook’s Treasure Chest, Edible or Poisonous? and Let’s Play Dress Up.  Travel Back in Time has been popular. Each student is allocated a character tag and given time to explore Cooks’ Cottage and garden to find answers regarding their character. A race with an 18th century twist concludes this activity.  


Immigration Museum – West Africa: Rhythm and Spirit program

Explore the rich cultures of West Africa at the Immigration Museum’s latest exhibition on loan from the Otago Museum, New Zealand.  From spiritual beliefs to daily life, masks to music, cloth to carving, Rhythm and Spirit explores the array of vibrant and dynamic cultures of West Africa. The exhibition is on show until 29th May.  Other programs that school groups can tie in with their experience at the Immigration Museum include the Passport Program (year 5 and 6) and Pack Your Bags (year 3 and 4)

Picture: ‘Igala boy’s initiation mask from Nigeria. Source: Otago Museum



Kid's Corner

Teachers stay tuned for the Urban Camp Kid’s Activity packs.  These will be posted on our website and include kid’s activities such as word puzzles, word games, a camp diary and camp reflection.  Customized packs for your group can be created by printing off the worksheets of interest.  

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