Green Initiatives

Urban Camp Melbourne is committed to ensuring as little impact on the environment as possible. This commitment aims to improve sustainability in its water, energy and waste management.

Green initiatives around the Camp

To date, Urban Camp has implemented the following initiatives to enhance its environmental sustainability:

- Composting of some of current vegetable / fruit waste

- Recycling of paper / cardboard

- Recycling of plastic / glass

- Introduction of a paperless fax system

- Installation of efficient shower heads

- Installation of solar energy panels (through a federal grant awarded by the City of Melbourne)

- Installation of solar hot water (through a federal grant awarded by the City of Melbourne)

- An interpretive digital display is located in the foyer enabling all to track the electricity generated on a daily basis

- Using cleaning and paper products that are bio-degradable, non toxic, palm oil free and not tested on animals

-Implementing the Melbourne Zoo 'Wipe for Wildlife' program

-Worm farms to reduce organic waste from the kitchen

- Staff participation in the ResourceSmart Schools training program






Carbon Footprint

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Urban Camp has aimed to improve the environmental efficiency of The Camp, through reduction in energy usage and waste generation. We are currently reviewing our procedures and creating a report which includes a carbon inventory and the data has in turn been used to measure the organisation's carbon footprint. In the future, this data will form part of a comparative study after Urban Camp has installed renewable energy technology at the site. The aim of this inventory is to provide a 'baseline' for future comparisons of carbon emissions.





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