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Dear Urban Camp Staff

We had a wonderful time and really appreciated the welcoming, friendly nature of the camp. Our teachers commented how clear the expectations were explained to both the students and teachers in a calm and kind manner. The sandwiches were amazing for lunch as was all the food at camp.

Sent by: Holy Redeemer Primary School, May 2016


To George, the kitchen crew and staff of Urban Camp

Thank you so much for having a super amazing place to say and thank you for the wonderful food you have provided for us! We all had a wonderful time staying at Urban Camp.


Sent by: Badger Creek students and teachers, May 2016


Dear Urban Camp

The staff and students had a great time on camp!  We thoroughly enjoyed the activities.  I think the favourites were Galactic Circus, Lego Education and the Vic Market. Thanks for a great camp.  Urban Camp has become one of our favourite school camps!


Sent by: Lucy, St Mary's School, Hastings, April 2014


Dear Urban Camp

Thank you so much for having us us and also for making our year 6 camp fun. Please thank you all the staff and thank George for cooking the most wonderful roast. I really enjoyed staying at Urban Camp.

I would also like to thank you for taking us on super Vietnamese walk. It was very interesting.


Sent by: Aaliyah, Echuca South Primary School, December 2013


Dear Urban Camp

I would like to thank you for proudly supporting us while on camp. I would also like to thank you for guiding us through the Vietnamese walk and letting us stay at such a well organised camp. We loved the walk thanks Jono! Urban Camp is a good camp with lots of room for students on camp. It is also a really good place to meet new people from different schools. I like Urban Camp because it is a real open and great environment for all ages. Thanks for letting us stay at such a popular camp. The beds were comfy too!


Sent by: Patricia, Echuca South Primary School, December 2013


Hello Urban Campers

I would just like to say on behalf of our team and our Junior Sibz program a very big thank you for your hospitality over the week-end! Our staff and the kids enjoyed staying at the camp and the service offered by your staff on deck throughout the week-end. The kids seemed to enjoy seeing other friendly adult faces in the morning.

Thanks to Jono and the rest of you for your help in the lead up to the camp.

Sent by: Emlyn, MacKillop Family Services, August 2013

Dear Urban Camp

We wanted to say a big thank you for camp! Your programming staff were amazing with their organisation and support. We had such a wonderful time! Thanks Cara!

Thank you to George and the lovely kitchen staff - they couldn't do enough for us. We hope to see you again.

Sent by: Antoinette, Nepean School, August 2013

Dear Karen and Urban Camp

We just wanted to say a big thank you and the staff at Urban Camp for making our trip a very successful and enjoyable one. You all make it easy for us and it is greatly appreciated.

Also, a big thank you to George and the catering staff for their hard work in the kitchen.

Sent by: Deanne, Jason & Mark, St Mary's Swan Hill, August 2013

Dear George and Staff

Thank you for cooking our meals for us on camp. My favourite was the pasta and veggies. I also really liked the desserts. You are a great! The cabins were nice and big and the bed was really comfy. We had a lot of fun doing all of the activities. My favourite was the ice skating because it was my first time. I had so much fun! Thank you for giving up your time to help our camp be awesome.

Sent by: Rose, St Macartans Primary School, March 2013

Dear all staff members of Urban Camp

Thank you for all of the fun activities you organised for us. And thank you so so so much George for the food you organised for me and my friends - especially me because I had the gluten free diet and the food was great! Oh and bowling was the best!

Sent by: Mia, St Macartans Primary School, March 2013

Dear Urban Camp Staff

We stayed at Urban Camp for two nights. We had a fantastic time. On the first night we went to Etihad Stadium. It was my first time there. It was great. I liked the Planetarium at Scienceworks. The Seeing Eye Dogs were cute (Vision Australia came to camp). I learnt how they help people. I had a great time on camp. Thank you!

Sent by: Chloe, Carraaragarmungee Primary School, March 2013

Dear George our chef

Thank you for cooking our food - it was delicious! I loved your food. I especially enjoyed your dessert. From Zac. P.S. Thank you for the apples.

Sent by: Utima Primary School, May 2012

To Karen and all the staff at Urban Camp,

A HUGE thank you for allowing us to use your venue (April 27th -29th). It was such a fantastic place for our group to meet and we really appreciate the help of all the staff- in particular you Karen (for helping us to arrange the weekend), Michelle (for giving us a tour on the day) and Francis (for the amazing catering and friendly smile).

Thanks once again from the Plan Youth Project Team, April 2012

Thanks for making it another successful and enjoyable stay. Our students enjoyed!

Sent by: Visiting Teachers Service, 25th September 2011

Thanks again for a great camp. Everyone had a great time. We arrived home safely. Thanks to all the staff once again. See you next year.

Sent by: Horsham West PS, 22nd September 2011

Thank you Jenny for the best ever porridge! To all the catering staff a big thank you. We really enjoyed our first stay at Urban Camp.

Sent by: Vermont Special School, 30th June 2011

Thank you Karen for helping run Urban Camp. I thought you did your job very well! It must be hard work in the office organising everything and you did a good job! As well as that you delivered the sandwiches from one side of the city to another and you did it in perfect time, which is fantastic! On behalf of Hazelwood North Primary School we thank you for all hard work!

Sent by: Brodie, Hazelwood PS, 28th June 2011

Thank you George, Jenny and Carole. I would like to thank you on behalf of all the grade 5/6's from Hazelwood Primary School. We really appreciate you making us breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food was really nice. We also appreciated you offering us apples to take with us on our day trips. We had lots of fun on camp.

Sent by: Josh, Hazelwood PS, 28th June 2011


Thank you Cara for telling us about the camp. We hope you enjoyed us staying there and we would love to visit again. We had an awesome time and we think the grades next year will have a great time too. We enjoyed the foo. The cabins were really nice and the camp neat and tidy. Thank you!

Sent by: Keiley and Tess on behalf of grade 5/6A, Hazelwood PS, 28th June 2011

Dear Urban Camp

Thank you for going out of your way for us. When you served dinner it was so good - it melted in my mouth.

Sent by: Nikita, Tarwin Lower PS, 31st May 2011

Dear Urban Camp

Thank you for letting us go on camp. It was awesome! I learned so much! You were extremely nice. It was the best camp ever. I loved the roast chicken.

Sent by: Tristen, Tarwin Lower PS, 31st May 2011


Dear Geraldine and Urban Camp

Thank you and all of the staff for your help in making our camp such a fantastic success. Your organisation and great attitude make it a really enjoyable time.

Thanks again, we'll see you again in 2013!

Sent by: Geoff, David and the rest of the Somers PS Group, 24th March 2011

Dear Urban Camp

Thank you staff for your hospitality.  All the parents and coaches were more than happy with the accommodation and food (congrats to the chef).


Sent by: NSW Cheerleaders, 8th November 2010

Dear Cara and Camp Staff

Thank you for organising our camp.  We really enjoyed all the activities we had.  The camp was very nice and we all enjoyed our food.

Sent by: Year Six and Miss Burns, Ouyen PS, 18th October 2010

On behalf of Springhurst Primary School, I would like to thank you for letting us come and stay at Urban Camp.  We all appreciated it. 

Sent by: Taya, Springhurst PS, 12th October 2010

To Urban Camp

Thank you for giving us a place to sleep and breakfast, lunch tea.  I really like George's cooking!

Sent by: David, prep, Springhurst PS, 12th October 2010

Hi Team at Urban Camp

Thanks so much for looking after us so well.  The place is so nice and the food was so good (dinner, breakfast, lunch all were yummy) and you guys are awesome.  The kids enjoyed every minute of it.  They talked so much about Urban Camp! 

Thank you!

Sent by: Marcelina, Kingsbury PS, 18th August 2010

To all the staff at Urban Camp

Thank you so much for all of your help! We had a fantastic time due to your organisation, passion and dedication.  We hope you continue to assist everyone to have as much fun as we have had!  The food was delicious! Thanks!

Sent by: MSB, MMG, MJV, St Paul's Primary (West Sunshine), 4th May 2010

Dear Urban Camp staff,

Thanks for everything over the two days that we were at Urban Camp for our conference. We all had such a great time and everyone loved the food and the venue.  Thanks!

Sent by: Alysha, Bunnings Group Ltd, 13th April 2010


Dear Urban Camp,

Thanks for the great camp!  Hope you have many more Carra kids.  Thanks for all your staff helping out.  So on behalf of Carraragarmungee and Everton thanks for the great time at Urban Camp.

Sent by: Carraragarmungee PS, 26th November 2009

Dear Urban Camp,

I had a great time in Melbourne, and I enjoyed staying at Urban Camp. We went to a lot of places in Melbourne and I enjoyed them all!  Urban Camp is a great place to stay on camp.  Thank you for letting us stay at your camp.  Also, thank you for bringing us lunch to the Old Melbourne Gaol and Zoo. The lunch was really yum.

Sent by: Mollie, Echuca South PS, 24th November 2009




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