Planning your Visit

Our friendly program staff at Urban Camp can assist in designing an itinerary or program for your visit. Activities will include many of Melbourne's great educational attractions and will incorporate relevant essential learning areas for students (Victorian Essential Learning Standards).

Organising the Program

Schools can select from a range of activities so that they can tailor their own program to suit their curriculum and budget. When choosing activities it is important to establish what the class wishes to gain from the experience in Melbourne and include a mix of activities where students can learn, discover and engage.
This lists the amazing activities and destinations on offer, duration of the activity and rough costs. Once a selection has been made for your camp, Urban Camp programming staff can tailor and arrange the program to best suit the stay.

Packing Luggage for Urban Camp

Please keep in mind that each child needs to carry his or her own bag. As Urban Camp has upstairs accommodation, this may include carrying luggage up two flights of stairs. A good rule is: if your child can't carry his or her bag, you may need to re-think what you have packed or what sort of bag you have chosen.

These are the things you need to bring to camp:

- A sleeping bag (please do not tie to luggage)
- A pillow slip (pillows are provided by camp)

- A towel
- A drink bottle
- A bag to pack everything in

Remember to label each child's possessions.

Sample Luggage Options


They are very easy for children to lift and move around between train station & camp. This is a practical way to bring your luggage to camp.


This type of bag holds a lot of luggage but is difficult for children to carry.


A large case with wheels
is practical for students
to pull around, but they
can become hard to lift
in and out of the luggage
truck and up and down
the stairs.


A small case with wheels
is a good alternative to
the larger carry case.


Packing Luggage

Info Sheet

Contains the information listed above.

Click to download the Packing Luggage Info Sheet PDF (338KB)

Activities Checklist


2-3 Day Diary - click to download the Doc file (4.3MB)

4-5 Day Diary - click to download the Doc file (4.3MB)










Sample Programs

These sample itineraries from past primary school groups showcase a variety of activities that schools can participate in, as well as an idea of the flow of activities.

Urban Camp programming staff pay close attention in allowing enough travel time between venues and keeping locations of activities in mind.

To view a full list of activities on offer click here



VIEW Sample Program ONE

Three day Sample.



VIEW Sample Program TWO

Four day Sample.


VIEW Sample Program THREE

Three day Sample.



VIEW Sample Program FOUR

Four day Sample.



VIEW Sample Program FIVE

Three day Sample.


VIEW Sample Program SIX

Four day Sample.



Download the Teacher Checklist
for Camp Itinerary Preparations














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