Venues Listing

This section allows you to plan your visit to attractions and activities in and around Melbourne. With contact details and general information about each venue, including general costs and time to allocate to each visit, it's a great resource to help you plan your activities in advance.

Use our listing as a general guide. The prices below reflect primary school prices. Risk assessments for venues are located on individual venue web sites. Last updated May 2017.

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phone: 9923 5911

Melway Ref: 2F C7

$15.95 guided program

$14.30 self guided program

Self-guided tour & Ice Age: No Time For Nuts 4-D $15.40

* Ice Age: No Time For Nuts 4-D is included in Guided programs

1:10 Adults FOC, Extras $21.45




Payment required on day or request invoice upon visit



2 hours

Guided Programs 9am, 10 am, 11am, 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm, 2:30 pm

Australian centre for the moving image
phone: 8663 2447. Melway Ref: 2F H8



Screen Worlds Exhibition: Free self guided tours

$5 educator-led. Teachers/adults free of charge.

Special Touring Exhibitions: Self-guided and educator-led visits available. Additional charges apply. Teachers/adults, one free per every 10 students.

Workshops, talks and film screenings also available. See ACMI Education website for details.

Invoice sent prior (for paid activities) Exhibition Visits: 1-2 hours

Bounce Inc

phone: 1300 000 540

Essendon Melway Ref: 16 B7

Glen Iris Melway Ref: 59 F5

Blackburn North Melway Ref: 47J4

Open 10 am - 9 pm

$14.00 per person hosted sessions (includes grip socks). Extra hour $11.50 per person
$10.50 per person unhosted sessions (includes grip socks). Extra hour $8.00 per person


50% non-refundable deposit required within 7 days of booking. Full payment required 10 days prior to visit. 1-2 hours

CERES environment PARK: energy, waste, land, water, cultural education programs
phone: 9389 0144

Melway Ref: 30 B7

$13.00 Half day

$17.00 3/4 day
$19.00 Full day

No charge for Teachers/adults

Minimum charge 20 per group

Invoice sent seven days after visit and required within 7 days of receipt.

Full Day: 10 am-2:30pm

3/4 Day: 10:30 am - 2:00 pm

Half Day: 10 am - 12:15 pm or 12:30 pm - 2:45

phone: 9662 2888

Melway Ref: 1B S4

$8.00 Museum visit
$14.00 Great Explorer: Chinatown Tour & Museum

(note, Chinatown Tour only available as part of Great Explorer program)

$12.00 Kung Fu workshop

$9.50 Craft/Art workshops (Discover Chinese Characters, Lantern making, paper cuts, Chinese knots)

Teachers FOC 1:10, extras student rate.

Invoice sent after tour and payment required within two weeks after issuing the invoice.

1-2 hours.



phone: 9658 7203

Melway Ref: 2G 4B

$2.50 self guided

$5.20 for 2 Modules.  Modules - Captain Cook's Treasure Chest, Travel Back in Time, Edible or Poisonous? Let's Play Dress Up.

4 Modules: $10.30 each.

Teacher FOC 1:20 (extras $3.60 each)

Invoice sent prior and payment required on day

1 hour-1.5 hours

Modules - 45 min (for two modules)

phone: 8625 7542

Melway Ref: 2E H5

$6.00 tour of Stadium

$9.50 Night Tour

$11.50 Team Challenge Tour (evening)
Teachers/Adults FOC

Docklands Experience: Etihad, O'Brien Group Arena, Melbourne Star. Three venues in one day $26 per student. Two Venues: Etihad + O'Brien Gruop Arena $16 per student.

Invoice sent prior and payment required on day

1 hour-1.5 hours

phone: 9693 8810

Melway Ref: 43 H10

$10.00. Re-entry on same day $13.50.
The Edge Experience $8.00 (additional)

Teachers FOC 1:10, additional $15.50 (re-entry pass $19.00)

Invoice sent prior. Payment on the day is only credit/cash. Can pay cheque/EFT after visit.

1 hour


FunFit Junior Fitness

Activities held at camp.

Circus Skills, Hip-Hop Dance, Breakdance, Zumba, Martial Arts, Drama and more! Taught by professional performers and teachers.

Set up at camp.

Price range $7.50 - $14.00 per student, pending activity, length of program, activity.


Invoice sent prior. 1 - 2 hours.

playtime & King Pin

phone: 8646 4107

Melway Ref: 2G A11



Student Prices:

Bowling: Day $12.00 1 game (10 am - 6 pm):

Bowling Day $22.00 2 games

Bowling Night $14.00 1 game (6pm - close)

Bowling Night $26.00 2 games

Playtime (Arcade) $15 (1 hour)

Laser Tag: $15 (30 miin), $20 (45 min)

2 Activities of the above evening: $28.00 (day time: $24.00)


Invoice provided in advance and payment required prior or on the day.

Groups are required to sign a registration form (form provided upon confirming)

1-2 hours

Melbourne Central phone: 9026 9976

Highpoint phone: 9026 9960


$10.00 per student 2D general viewing during school hours

-$12.00 per student 2D general viewing outside of school hours

-$11.00 per student 2D private screenings during school hours ((80+students)

Teachers at student rates



Invoice sent prior and payment required on day

1-2 hours

Islamic museum of australia
phone: 1300 915 171

Melway Ref: 30B4 (Thornbury)




$8 per student Heritage Package (Tour and Presentation, 2 hours)

-$8 per student Discovery Package (Tour, Presentation, Quiz, 2.5 hours)

-$13 per student Art Package (Tour, Presentation, Art Workshop, 2.5 hours)

-$13 per student Premium Package (Tour, Presentation, Quiz, Art Workshop, 3 hours)

Teachers free of charge 1:15. Extras $12

*All programs include the Heritage program which includes an overview of the five permanent galleries.

Browse the education pack here. Lunch options available. Closed Mondays.

School groups invoiced prior and encouraged to make a payment within seven days from the date of booking.

2- 3 hour programs

O’Brien Group Arena (Iceskating)
phone: 1300 756 699

Melway Ref: 2E D3


*formerly Medibank Icehouse


$13.00 per student, inc skate hire.  Teachers free. Curling session $15.00.

Evening sessions at group rates. $13.50 per student. Teachers at adult rates.

Docklands Experience: Etihad, O'Brien Group Arena, Melbourne Star. Three venues in one day $26 per student. Two Venues: Etihad + O'Brien Group Arena $16 per student or O'Brien Group Arena + Melbourne Star $20 per student.

Invoiced prior and payment required on the day.
1.5 hours day time.  Evening sessions may be longer.


phone: 9663 0200

Melway Ref: 2B H10

$10.00 standard films. (45 min) 1:10 ratio of teachers free of charge. Extras $12.50. Feature films: price to be confirmed upon time of booking.

Evening sessions booked by school.

Invoice sent prior and payment required on day

Student session 10-3pm

phone: 9927 2754

Melway Ref: 1A F9

Education Service Fee varying for group size. $35 for 1-50 students, $55 for 51-100 students and $65 for 101+ students.

Pack Your Bag Programs - $5.00 per student (grade 3,4)

Passport Programs - $5.00 per student (grade 5,6)

(program add education fee)
Teachers/Adults FOC

General Visit - payment required on the day.

For programs - invoiced after visit.

1-2 hours

phone: 8662 6300

Melway Ref: 2F G5

Introduction to Koorie Culture guided walk on offer. $16.50 per student. Teachers/Adults FOC

*new location Yarra Building, Federation Square

Invoice issued on day with payment required after visit

1.5 hours

phone: 8657 8864

Melway Ref: 2G D6

MCG Tour $8.50 per student, Combined with Sports Museum $14 per student.

Teachers FOC 1:10, extras $14.00


Invoice sent prior and payment required on day

1-2 hours

phone: 8341 7777

Melway Ref: 2B H10

Education Service Fee varying for group size. $35 for 1-50 students, $55 for 51-100 students and $65 for 101+ students.

All programs including First Peoples Programs $5.00 per student

Invoice sent prior and payment required on day

Minimum 2 hours

phone: 8610 2600

Melway Ref: 2F D7 (Southgate)

Melway Ref: 56, B1 (Scienceworks)

$9.00 per student for Port & Docklands or River Gardens Cruise (1 hour)

$8.00 per student Scienceworks Ferry (45 min)

Two hour cruises available $13.00 per student.

Teachers FOC 1:10, extras pay student rate


Boarding maps from Scienceworks Jetty & Southgate

Invoice sent prior. Deposit required prior to visit and final payment required on the day.

1-2 hours



phone: 9926 1555

Melway Ref: 2K D7

$5.70 General Swim.

Adults $8.40 Swim, $1.00 non swim.
$12.70 WipeOUT Program
Teachers & Adults FREE (WipeOUT program)


Confirmation sent prior and payment required on day (casual).  Deposit required in advance for WipeOUT.

2 hours for




Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

phone: 8688 9688

Melway Ref: 2E C2

$10.00 Single Flight

$13.00 Day & Night Flight (Sights & Lights)

Teachers FOC 1:10, extras $19.00 for Single Flight and $24.00 for Day & Night Flight

Docklands Experience: Etihad, O'Brien Group Arena, Melbourne Star. Three venues in one day $26 per student. O'Brien Group Arena + Melbourne Star $20 per student

Full payment required prior to or on the day of booking. Allow minimum 1 hour (actual flight duration is 30 mins)


NGV International (St Kilda Road) 2F G8
NGV Australian (Ian Potter at Fed Square) 2F H8
phone: 8620 2340

FREE - self guided tours

$8 per student guided one hour tours

$12 per student for 1.5 hour programs

$15 per student for 2 hour programs

$18 tour and workshop per student

Teachers FOC for tour and workshops.

Details on collections and programs click here

Payment required 14 days prior to visit

1-2 hours

Half day programs available

phone: 9657 8879

Melway Ref: 2G D6

$8.50 per student, Combined with MCG Tour $14 per student. Teachers FOC 1:10, extras $14.00


Invoice sent prior and payment required on day
1 hour

phone: 9663 7228

Melway Ref: 2B F12


Gaol Tour: $8.40 per student

Watch House Tour: $6.00 per student (30 minutes)

Court Room Drama: $10.80 per student

An $8.00 group booking fee applies.

15 student minimum.

Teachers/Carers free.

Payment required two weeks prior to visit.

All school excursion bookings must be prepaid before arriving at the venue

1 hour

Old Treasury Building

phone: 9651 2233

Melway Ref: 2F K3

$6.50 per student Payment on the day or invoiced after visit. 1 hour

phone: 9651 8568

Melway Ref: 1B V5


School tours available on non-sitting days. Limited tour times on sitting days. Evening school tours Tuesdays on sitting days. Parliament Role Play programs also available.


1 hour


phone: 9247 6354

Melway Ref: 2E K8


Donations welcome.

45 mins

phone: 9656 9800

Melway Ref: 2E K9

$8.40 per student. Minimum 20.

(plus an $8.00 group booking fee)

Teacher and carers free of charge ratio 1:6

Payment required two weeks prior to visit.

2 hours


"Australian Open Guided Tours"
phone: 9914 4133

Melway Ref: 2G B8

$11.00 - General tour per student (aged 9-12) Teachers free of charge ratio 1:10

Tour and Tennis Coaching package. 2 hours. $24 per student.


Invoiced after visit.

1 hour

phone: 9252 2358

Melway Ref: 2L A1


$11.90 per student with a minimum charge per class of $214.20 (approximately 18 students Teachers and adults free of charge.

A range of educational programs on offer for example: Sustainable Gardening, Landscapes for Learning, Working Wetlands, Biodiversity on the Yarra, Food Forest and Carbon Futures.

Invoice after the program and request payment within fourteen days.


1 hour 45 min

Sessions times:

10:15am and 12:30pm


(click on Education)
phone: 9392 4819

Melway Ref: 56 B1

Education Service Fee varying for group size. $35 for 1-50 students, $55 for 51-100 students and $65 for 101+ students.
$6.00 per student Planetarium and Lightning Room Shows, $5.00 per student Science Show.

Science and Planetarium shows listed on the Scienceworks website.  Advise program staff of selection. Subsidy for grade 6 students. Deadlines apply.


Invoice issued on the day and payment required after visit. General education service fee visits (without a paid program) require payment on the day.

2-3 hours


Construction of a new indoor centre. Tours suspended until 2018.

We can give your students a unique insight into what a Seeing Eye Dog can do for someone without sight. Students will get to see our young pups in their very own puppy centre and meet dogs in training
phone: 9381 6400

Melway Ref: 2A B6


$5.00 each student (minimum of 20 students)

For groups below 20 students, $100 minimum contribution.

Teachers free of charge.

*costs TBC until re-opens 2018.


Invoice sent prior and payment required on day

1.5 hours

phone: 9654 8415

Melway Ref: 2F J12

No cost. Donations warmly invited.

Education Guided tour (1 hour),

Spirt of the Anzac Program grade 5,6 (1.5 hours), Loyal Friends Program, grade 3,4 (1 hour)



1 hour

phone: 8664 7555

Melway Ref: 2F E1

Library Orientation Guided Tour: $130 per group (approx 25 students) 60 minutes

Example workshops: Make your Own Book $150 per group (approx 25 students) 90 minutes

Life and Times of Ned Kelly $150 per group (approx 25 students) 90 min

Story of Burke and Wills $150 per group (approx 25 students) 90 min

Self-guided programs: Free.

Prices include GST. No charge for teachers/adults

For more workshops and details click here

Purchase order number required before the visit. Invoice sent after visit.

1-2 hours

phone: 8379 4204

Melway Ref: 2A H1

FREE - book through Urban Camp

Watch local netball and hockey matches and training.


phone: 9318 4110

Melway Ref: 27 K9

$12.90 for 1 game
$17.90 for 2 games

$2 per person shoe hire


Confirmation sent prior and
payment required on day

1-2 hours

The Big Issue Classroom

The Big Issue Classroom runs fun, interactive workshops which explore homelessness and disadvantage in age-appropriate ways for Gr 1-4 and Gr 5-6 students.

phone: 9663 4533


Melway Ref: 1B N7


General workshop with speaker (grade 5,6 only): $300 + GST

* Up to 30 students per session

Invoice sent at the end of the month after workshop.
1 hour

(FORMERLY Digital Learning Hub)


phone: 9281 8194

Melway Ref: 1D T5

Into the Music: Composition, Into the Music: Federation Bells,Arts Ads: Creating a Bill Poster, Arts Ads: Creating a Promo Video, Arts Ads: Creating a Radio Ad


$16.00 per student, teachers free of charge (minimum charge is for 15 students). Subsidy available for eligible schools.

Performances are available on set dates throughout the year with options for primary aged groups.

The Arts Centre also offers guided tours. Performances and shows are available on set dates with options for primary aged groups.

Invoice sent prior for tours and shows.

For workshops, schools will be invoiced after the day of the excursion, with payment expected within two weeks.

1.5 hours

Two Friends Productions

Australian History, Culture & Fairytale plays. Fun and educational, a great live entertainment option for your students. Bright and clever comedies that focus on learning. Evening activity or morning activity at camp.


Australian History, Science, World and Culture Plays. To learn more click here

Quote per individual group.


Evening activity or morning activity at camp.

Invoice sent prior. 1 hour

Urban Scrawl Art Tours

phone: 0434 167 647

Meet at Federation Square Visitor Centre. 1B N10

Urban Scrawl Art Tours take students on walking art discoveries - exploring the city's laneways, arcades and subways on a treasure hunt for hidden secrets and some of the best street art in the world

$6 per student (minimum 10)


Invoiced after tour. 1 hour


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Eat, shop, explore and discover your way through the iconic food halls and heritage Sheds where the banter is as fresh as the produce.
phone: 9320 5822

Melway Ref: 2B B11

No cost self guided exploration (led and organised by school).



The market offers 1 hour guided walking tours for primary schools. To learn more go to:

$15 per student. Adults free of charge.


vietnamese Walk

Explore the Footscray area with a guide and discover more about Vietnamese culture and cuisine with Urban Camp staff

phone: 9328 2818

$6.00 per student.


Generally offered Tuesday+Thursday mornings.



Cost added on to Urban Camp invoice

1 hour


Circus skills for primary students
phone: 9482 2088

Melway Ref: 29 G5

Quote per individual group



School must arrange booking
2 hours

phone: 9285 9300

Melway Ref: 29 E12

$16.30 per student
Teachers at 1:5 ratio free prep-grade 2, Teachers at 1:10 ratio free grade 3-6. Adults in excess of ratio will pay a charge of $24.90 per person.

Saving Our Species program an option with entry price. Program 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. A grade 3,4 option available too.

On the day: Payment can be made by cash or credit card. A tax receipt will be issued.

After your visit: Please bring an official school Purchase Order and the school will be invoiced following your visit. Zoos Victoria ABN is 969-139-590-53.



Programs that will assist with travel around Melbourne


Star Six Program. Details click here
phone: 9392 4819


80% Travel subsidy to and from Scienceworks for year 6 students. Strict deadlines in place.


Looking for activities to do around The Camp? Try these...


phone: 9328 2818

Free. Click here for a map.


Footballs at camp that groups can utilize.

Melbourne Trivia Pack available.

phone: 9328 2818




Plasma screens with DVD players located in both our meeting spaces. We have a handful of G rated DVD's and NetFlix loaded on both TV's.

phone: 9328 2818



Looking for a meal out?


(Lygon Street)

Phone: 9347 4393

Melway Ref: 2B F10


$12.00 per person (primary schools)

Set menu

Invoice sent prior and payment required directly on day.

1 hour



mao please


Phone: 9663 9866


$13.00 per person (primary schools)

Set menu

Payment required directly on day.

1 hour

Sitting start times between 5:30-6:30pm

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